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Tokyo, Tokyo (Japón)

3D Modeller, 3D Setup/Rigging, 3D Generalist

We are a japanese company named Kirarito. We focus on creating audiovisual contents, being videogame art our primary field.
Until last year, we only worked on 2D projects, but we started a CG department recently and we are planning to create a strong team for creating 3d content.
Currently we are looking for 3 new members under this requirements:

3D Modeller
We need someone able to create both character and environment models, and with UV creation and texturing skills. 2D experience would be good, but it is not a requirement. Being capable of modelling japanese anime style characters would be very welcomed.

We need someone able to create the skeleton, weights and rig for characters and prop models, as well as some plugin creation for maya.

We need someone capable of help us with modelling, texturing, rigging, animation and lighting.

All the offers are for on site full time employment, so must be able to relocate to Japan, we can help with the visa procedures and searching for a place to live.

We value more the skills that we can see than the experience, so instead of a large list of requirements we only need to see a portfolio and have a little talk.
If you are interested, feel free to contact us and send your portfolio at julio.velasco@kirarito.co.jp