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Game Troopers

Detalles de la empresa
Nombre de la empresaGame Troopers
Correo electrónicojobs@gametroopers.net
Número de trabajadores3
UbicaciónLleida, Lérida (España)
ActividadesContenidos para móviles
Realidad virtual
Acerca de esta empresaGame Troopers is (http://gametroopers.net) a publisher dedicated to the main platforms of mobile and Virtual Reality markets. Our team offers a deep knowledge of the platforms and the whole ecosystem, and will help your games to make the most of themselves. The first published game is "Tiny Troopers" from the Finnish developer Kukouri. We have been able to position the game top #1 in 17 countries, top #5 in 69 countries, and top #10 in 73 countries. Our first published VR game is “Overkill VR” which has a very great amount of good reviews and downloads.

Game Troopers is a joint venture between Starloop Studios and Space Inch. Space Inch is a mobile game startup that has created several hit games, including Make it Rain: The Love of Money (which went to #1 overall in the App Store this year), Say the Same Thing (an Apple ‘Best of 2013’ award-winning game), and Disco Bees (recently acquired by Scopely). Game Troopers has been awarded by the Microsoft App Campus program.

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