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Sevilla, Sevilla (España)

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Mobile Game Designer

As a Mobile Game Designer, you will design exciting new game mechanics and systems, working closely with the programming team to see those designs through to implementation.

Main responsibilities include:

• Creating systems and mechanics catered to a games specific target demographic.
• Create game design documents that clearly communicate ideas, concepts and requirements to the rest of the team.
• Monitor key game health metrics and be able to formulate product/design decisions based on the data.
• Tuning and balancing content developed by the team; extending those systems to realise new visions for gameplay and improve player experience.
• Make decisions based on live data and analytics/trends.
• Gather, acknowledge, and respond to internal feedback, adjusting design choices as necessary.

REQUIREMENTS for this position:
• 1-2 years experience making successful games as designer in mobile games development teams.
• Strong documentation skills
• Deep understanding of the current mobile/social landscape.
• Experience working with Unity.


• Able to work in a fast-paced environment.
• Fluent and clear verbal and written communications.
• Enjoy challenges and problem solving.
• Passionate about game development.
• Positive attitude.
• Fluent both in Spanish and English.

Detalles de la empresa
Nombre de la empresaGenera Games
Número de trabajadores150
UbicaciónSevilla, Sevilla (España)
ActividadesContenidos para móviles
Desarrollo de videojuegos
Acerca de esta empresaGenera Games is a leading multi-platform mobile entertainment company.
Based in Seville, Spain, with offices in Los Angeles and Romania, we have been providing mobile solutions since 2002 for global operator groups, brand partners and leading media companies, as well as developing our own mobile games.
Our vision is to deliver the friendliest, most engaging and reliable user experience through creative thinking, innovation and close partner relationships.
Current partners include brands like Disney, Intel, Paramount, Dreamworks, Universal, and Marvelous Games. To learn more about Genera Games please visit our website.