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Ilion Animation Studios



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Las Rozas, Madrid (España)


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Render Wrangling Lead

MISSION: Ilion Animation Studios is seeking for a Render Lead to monitor and control the rendering process and manage the render farm and render team.

MAIN DUTIES / FUNCTIONS: • Manage and monitor performance, quality, and completeness of work within the Render team to ensure that team goals for responsiveness, quality, and service levels are met or exceeded
• Act as main point of contact for production specific render needs
• Manage Render team to ensure overall team and individual performance levels, continued professional development, and address any issues with quality of work
• Support open communication between operations, production, production management, R&D and the rest of the Company
• Provide first level of escalation for sensitive or technically difficult problems
• Participate in the recruiting and interview process for new employees as required

Requisitos mínimos

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: • 5 - 6 years in a production environment as Render Wrangler or similar
• Previous leadership experience in a similar position managing a group of Wranglers or a team

QUALIFICATION / KNOWLEDGE: • High level of English language is required
• Windows experience or familiarity (proficiency with basic tools)
• Familiarity with most basic system administration tools and processes
• Familiarity with networked/distributed computing concepts
• Familiarity with scripting languages (eg. Perl, Python) is an asset

• Excellent troubleshooting, analyzing and documentation skills
• Ability to work under pressure if required
• Excellent communication skills and ability to work with people with various levels of technical proficiency
• Ability to anticipate problems
• Attention to detail
• Desire to provide excellent customer support in a production environment
• Creativity and innovation
• Commitment
• Flexibility and adaptability