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Art Director

We are looking for an accomplished Art Director to drive the artistic vision of our latest game, and to lead our team of outsourced artists across the duration of the project. Reporting to the Game Director, you will work closely with the internal team to develop and employ efficient working practices ensuring that all externally authored art content meets the highest visual quality.

Minimum requirements

- Have over 5 years of experience in a Lead and/or Art Director role.
- Have over 5 years of experience working with external partnerships.
- Have advised on Art team structure, internally and externally.

Desired requirements

- Have demonstrated the ability to analyze risks and provide solutions that consider all project constraints.
- Be able to make effective decisions, communicate, and advise at all levels across your discipline.
- Be able to effectively evaluate candidates, interview, and advise on hiring.
- Be able to effectively evaluate partner strengths and weaknesses, and advise on new external partnerships


- Contribute to the art direction and lead the execution of the games visual style.
- Produce quick rough production concept art or paintovers.
- Oversee the quality control of incoming assets through a process of feedback and approval of external content.
- Manage performance issues and provide guidance to external partners.
- Oversee external art training and documentation.
- Work with the Game Director on quality issues, scheduling and/or changes in scope.
- Coordinate the creation of benchmark assets and creation of art briefs.
- Define project level Art Production strategy and assist in scheduling
- Define and document best practices.
- Coordinate vendor communication to the internal team.
- Gather references and assist in the look development process.
- Identify new partners and help manage vendor testing.
- Define new areas that will require benchmark assets.
- Develop vendor training packages.

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