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Las Palmas, Las Palmas (España)


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Surfacing Artist

Birdland Entertainment is a producer and distributor of animated content for VOD

platforms, powered by an entrepreneurial spirit. Disruptors at heart, we are constantly

searching for innovative ways to bring the best animated content possible for kids and

adults alike!

Our strategy? Having a ‘digital-first’ approach. We create our shows independently and

launch them across all major platforms (YouTube, Amazon, iQiyi, you name it!) through

our distribution network, reaching a worldwide audience, maximising engagement and

generating billions of views in the process.

Our philosophy? Being ‘audience-centric’. We leverage tech and performance data to

tailor our concepts into being the most appealing possible. Today, a plurality of shows

is competing over watch time so who better to help creators stand out than the viewers


By meeting a worldwide audience and refining our content to their response, we

maximize chances to create meaningful brands.


Portray stylized textures from concepts following the look of the different IPS of the company.
Precisely and accurately follow references, Lead and Art Direction to create the desired look.
Have communications skills and be proficient with the team.


Experience with Maya, Substance Painter.
Experience with render engines (Arnold, Redshift, etc…).
Experience with Substance Designer is a plus.
Experience with traditional drawing, and/or painting is a plus.
Possess deep knowledge of UVs and texture layout.
Possess deep understanding of PBR materials.
Appassionate of the Animation films

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