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Barcelona, Barcelona (España)

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Mid-Low technical programmer

Hello, fellow developer!

Our independent game studio is in the lookout for a programmer/developer with a medium-high mathematical and algorithmical profile to work on a high-end VR Game for HTC Vive made in Unity3D.

Are you ready to work in a cutting-edge product with AAA aspirations? Then we are looking forward to hear from you!

Requisitos mínimos

• Love videogames both as a player and (even more) as a developer
• Are a good-willing, ambitious, independent and self-fueled developer
• Have at least two years of experience working as a programmer
• Have worked until the end on at least three published games, and at least one of them was made in Unity3D
• Consider yourself to be more of the “technical type” of developer
• Love Unity3D, and can provide examples of working projects
• Love shaders, both surface and vertex/fragment, and you are ready to take a further step on them
• Love coding integrated tools in Unity3D

You also:
• Know how to start and how to finish any assigned task
• Can dive into old code and assets and understand their inner working prior to engaging your task
• Love clean and efficient code and structures, but can adapt your style to a tight schedule
• Can provide helpful and meaningful insight both on the technical side and the gameplay side of the project
• Could engage into eventual higher level tasks (integration of assets, gameplay)
• Have your own style and can make your own decisions, but understand that you are in a team of excellent and diverse people doing their best to work together
• Can handle constructive criticism gracefully and professionally

Requisitos deseados

It would be very interesting if you:
• Had worked and loved C++ (even the Null Pointers part) for at least three years
• Had developed your own graphic/game engine from scratch
• Loved game jams and had participated in lots of them
• Had worked on at least three different platforms (mobile, console, smartphone, etc.)
• Had some technical artist skills
• Were up to date with the current technologies involved in 3D AAA developments


As a mid-low level developer, you’ll become part of our team of fully-engaged developers, where you’ll be in charge of:
• Analyze the technical needs of the product and come up with interesting solutions
• Discuss these solutions with the Lead Developer and implement them efficiently
• Make sure that both the code and the project assets are clean and organized
• Receive assigned tasks and deal with them professionally and in time


We offer:
• An interesting, payed position, in a promising project into the growing market of VR Games
• The opportunity to put the best of your developing skills in practice while learning from a new challenge

If you feel you are the right developer for the position, please send a cover letter to ejsainz@gmail.com, including your CV and any additional material you may find of interest for evaluation purposes.
Thanks for your interest!