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Chimera Entertainment GmbH



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Munich, Munich (Alemania)

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Project Manager

We are looking for a motivated and passionate Project Manager to join us in Munich, Germany.

Chimera Entertainment is the company that brought you Angry Birds Epic!

Requisitos mínimos

. Minimum three years of related professional experience
. Broad knowledge of project management tools and agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum)
. Deep understanding of game development in all relevant phases and of all the related departments
. Good skills with Excel, Google sheets and similar office tools
. High work ethic, reliability, drive and ambition for excellence
. Ambition to cultivate and refine a professional working environment
. A positive, team-orientated attitude and ability to manage a team with all its needs
. You love playing mobile, browser games and video games
. You have excellent communication skills in English or German both verbally and in writing


. Lead and coordinate a game development team during all project phases (from initial concept to release or live care)
. Plan and schedule the project & manage the production risks
. Take care of the daily development operations, meetings and needs of the team
. Ensure smooth workflows within the team and be the central communication hub for everybody
. Stakeholder management and communication with clients, partners and other departments
. Assume responsibility for the team, budget and project
. Regular reporting to the senior management


You will create high-quality, visually appealing games within an experienced, international and flexible team of about 50 people.
As a successful and ambitious company with a sustainable and transparent leadership style, all of our employees work with
dedication and a team-first attitude. Working on state-of-the-art projects with high-profile partners, this will be your opportunity to grow and expand your knowledge within the games industry in a professional and friendly atmosphere.