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DigiPen Bilbao

Detalles de la empresa
Nombre de la empresaDigiPen Bilbao
Correo electróniconatxota@gmail.com
Ubicación, Vizcaya (España)
ActividadesAnimación 3D
Desarrollo de videojuegos
Formación en videojuegos y multimedia
Investigación y desarrollo
Acerca de esta empresaDigiPen Institute of Technology is a dedicated, world-renowned leader in education and research in computer interactive technologies and the first school in the world to offer a bachelor´s degree in videogame programming.

The members of DigiPen's world-class faculty come from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds. They bring years of teaching experience and relevant industry knowledge to the DigiPen community.

DigiPen alumni have worked for a top-class variety of companies and development studios on many high-profile projects.

Ofertas de trabajo de esta empresa

19/05/14Maths TeacherVizcaya
22/05/13Profesor de ProgramaciónVizcaya