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Edenic Games S.L.

Detalles de la empresa
Nombre de la empresaEdenic Games S.L.
Correo electrónicorrhh@edenicgames.com
Número de trabajadores9
Ubicación, Barcelona (España)
ActividadesDesarrollo de videojuegos
Servicios de Internet
Servicios para empresas
Fundaciónjueves, 28 de Marzo del 2007
Acerca de esta empresaEdenic Games is a company based in Barcelona, funded in 2007 to develop and launch online games. Edenic Games has created Gamedonia, an online platform that offers developers tools to create social and multiplayer games.

Gamedonia adds backend modules that give mobile games better design solutions. The service allows developers to run games in the cloud, without the need to do any setup or maintenance.

We make building social games easy providing all the modules developers need, so they don’t have to limit gameplay because of backend. They can develop games faster, where less coding needed means slashing the development time.

Gamedonia offers different SDKs for each development platform. Just dropping the SDK into the game let’s developers define game rules in the server, saving time and resources by relying on a specialized backend platform.

With Gamedonia, worrying about common issues like performance, communication protocols or data security is a thing of the past.

Ofertas de trabajo de esta empresa

22/02/17Software Engineer (Back-end)
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