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Detalles de la empresa
Nombre de la empresaAlea.com
Correo electrónicothibault.paysal@alea.com
Número de trabajadores60
UbicaciónBarcelona, Barcelona (España)
ActividadesDesarrollo de videojuegos
Desarrollo web
Realidad virtual
Servicios de Internet
Acerca de esta empresaALEA is an award-winning leader in the online gaming field. We are dedicated to delivering fully licensed casinos to our customers, while at the same time offering high-performance gaming solutions and top-quality services to the marketplace.

Here at ALEA, we are building an awesome cloud-based casino engine, aiming to provide the best player experience in eGaming.

And let's be honest, we simply want our software to be the best - less is just not acceptable.

As a cutting-edge technology startup, we have also created the first virtual reality casino experience in the world.

Ofertas de trabajo de esta empresa

19/03/18C++ Lead Developer for Unreal Engine 4
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