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Título: Haddd 2.0 Specs
Publicado por: en 15 de Octubre de 2005, 12:41:48 am
 Hello all  :D

Haddd 2 seem's very impressive (ole)

I've download haddd 1 source and everything is in spanish... I don't speak spanish and english isn't my mother tong too, so it's quite difficult to understand even more when you are learning C#  :lol: Does API documentation will be release in english ?

As Haddd 2 going to be released in november, it is possible to know (more or less) the specification of this next engine ?
Cause i'm hesitate with purplesharp (open source too) but the documentation is quite short and some part of the engine are unfinished(and we don't know this part ^^). So i can wait a little bit if Haddd 2 is more featured or optimized.

Also i've only access to the full 2003 not express 2005... I know there is a free version somewhere but it is possible to use Haddd2 with 2003 ?

thank you  :)  
Título: Haddd 2.0 Specs
Publicado por: Haddd en 15 de Octubre de 2005, 09:54:24 am
 Haddd 2 will be a full featured engine, with all the lightning , materials, shadows you need for a state of the art game. But it will not have an space partitioning or oclussion system at all, so you can not do games like Doom or something like that. Of course, you could do it if you program it, but it will not be included until 3.0 release.

To suport all the range of posibilities about lighning and materials, i have to say that Haddd 2 is an slow engine.  :(  It makes a lot of passes to support all the material and lighting states for a shaders 2.0 limitation target, so you can do a lot of things with a simple "Enabled=true", but it has a frame rate cost....

Haddd 2 is Newton Powered. That is you get realistic physics for free, but not ragdolls and vehicles ( but you can develop it if you want ;) ) , but joints, rigid body, world collision...

We will provide some examples and tutorials, and a Viewer, so we think it will be very easy to start to play with the engine.

About VC# 2005, i think it's necessary, because the engine use the Net 2.0 generycs classes.

And finally, Haddd 2.0 will be english translated, so you can read the intelisense help in english/spanish...(that's the idea, but not for sure yet  O_O )

Thanks for you interesting...Expect the new video ( The date ) soon...
Título: Haddd 2.0 Specs
Publicado por: en 15 de Octubre de 2005, 01:34:12 pm
 Exellent !
I'm not intend doing the next doom 3, i just whant to realise demo or OO simulation and play a little with one or two effect.
Ok i'm on searching VC# 2005 ^^