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Madrid, Madrid (España)


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Tequila Works, proud responsible team of Deadlight©, RiME©, The Invisible Hours©, co-developer of The Sexy Brutale© and Publisher of WonderWorlds©; is looking for a dynamic and experienced combat designer; someone that knows the nuances of fast-paced action from the best beat em ups, but also has good knowledge about the classic systems of fighting games.

As a member of our team, you will develop interesting, fun and challenging scenarios based on the creative vision. You will work together with different departments such as Level Design, Art or Code to develop a memorable game.

This offer requires a permanent presence in the offices of Tequila Works, located in Madrid, Spain.

Minimum requirements

Good understanding of fighting games technical terminology
Experience using a text-based scripting language to set-up character logic
Basic knowledge of scripting languages and code (e.g., XML, C++, PERL) is preferred but not required
Experience with Unreal Engine 4
Experience working on online multiplayer games is preferred but not required
Must be able to grasp and work with code-based proprietary tools to implement and troubleshoot assigned characters
Must have knowledge of competitive products and various gameplay genres, as well as a personal understanding of video game fun
Must possess quality written communication skills and the ability to convey abstract concepts
Ability to think logically with a strong level of attention to detail
Must be able to professionally communicate and work with other members of the game production team (both internally and externally)
Must have excellent communication while still keeping the overall vision of the game in mind

Desired requirements

4 plus years in game development, with at least 2 years in Combat or Character Design (creative and technical) specific role


Work within the set standard for all character asset design, creation and in-game implementation within the production path as it relates to design, art and otherwise.
Participate in required production related meetings and functions as needed. Attend and participate in combat-specific discussions concerning combat design and combat design issues.
Must comprehend a working knowledge of the game production pipeline in order to communicate effectively with other team members.
Must understand the relationship between gameplay elements within the level and the overall game and all of the ways the player can respond to each gameplay element.
Detect balancing problems between characters and propose solutions

Company details
Full company nameTequila Works S.L.
EMail addressjobs@tequilaworks.com
Number of workers25
LocationMadrid, Madrid (España)
ActivitiesDesarrollo de videojuegos
FoundedSaturday, August 28, 2009
About this companyTequila Works nace bajo un ambiente de profunda tradición y se crea con el tiempo necesario para que alcance su madurez exacta. De esta forma, obtenemos un estudio independiente que conjuga, bajo la atenta mirada del silicio de nuestras barricas, artesanía y modernidad. En su interior, profesionales procedentes de Blizzard Entertainment, MercurySteam Entertainment, Pyro Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment y Weta Digital, se encuentran, combinando ideas y código, con la intención de proporcionar un aroma sorprendente en nuestras obras.

Hacer cosas pequeñas, con buen gusto, esa es nuestra filosofía... ¡y nuestro reto!

Adelante. Pasen. Bienvenidos a la experiencia Tequila Works. Un lugar de encuentro para todos los apasionados de los juegos y del entretenimiento. ¡Os invitamos a un trago de nuestro trabajo!

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