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Stratos: Developer's Meeting Point

Welcome to Stratos!


About IRC

There are many ways to chat in Internet. One of the most extended is the IRC, there are various programs to use it like mIRC or Pirch.

Stratos has its own chat channel hosted on Chat Hispano, and can be accessed using several servers like titania.chathispano.com, at port 6667 (which is usually set as default). Spanish is the channel's official language.

The channel name is #stratos.

If you want to get more info about the IRC, you can visit the Chat Hispano website.

To help those who have no connection software, we give the chance to connect yourself to our channel through the ChatHispano.com service.

It is very simple to use: choose a nickname (alias) to enter the channel -an original one or possibly one with some numbers to avoid conflicts with other existing nicknames-, the password if you are already registered, connect and join into the channel. The applet doesn't have many features other common client programs may have, but can be perfectly used to chat.

Stratos es un servicio gratuito, cuyos costes se cubren en parte con la publicidad.
Por favor, desactiva el bloqueador de anuncios en esta web para ayudar a que siga adelante.
Muchísimas gracias.