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Madrid, Madrid (España)

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Lead Gameplay Programmer

Tequila Works, proud responsible team of Deadlight©, RiME©, The Invisible Hours©, Groundhog Day© and Gylt©, co developer of The Sexy Brutale© and Publisher of WonderWorlds©; is looking for a sharp eye and a deft hand to help breathe a fresh vision into a new IP experience.
Teamwork, innovation, attention-to-detail and unbridled passion are characteristics we look for in all of our artists.
If you are a top talent looking for an exciting, high profile project to challenge you, this is where you need to be.

The Lead Code is key at establishing the overall vision of the game, the successful candidate will work within a collaborative multidiscipline environment implementing gameplay features that meet project’s design requirements. Responsible for defining and tracking the schedule for his team, managing and mentoring individuals within the code team, and elaborating/supervising the code estructure for the project.

Minimum requirements

• Be a team player and a leader.
• Be approachable and listen to what people need and want, both from other disciplines and within your own team.
• Be able to communicate your ideas and vision to the programming team.
• Be able to inspire and motivate the programming team to ensure that everything gets fixed on schedule.
• Have a hands-on understanding of all programming roles.
• Have advanced programming skills (C++).
• Be experienced in videogames (8 years min)
• Have excellent knowledge in Unreal Engine.
• Have excellent people management and communication skills, including tact and diplomacy.
• Be able to resolve conflicts and solve problems.
• Be able to multitask.
• Be creative and innovative.
• Be composed under pressure.
• Have knowledge of the requirements of the relevant health and safety legislation and procedures


• Oversees all different areas of Code (AI, Game Engine, Development, UI, Tools, Physics, etc…)
• Work effectively with other Lead Designer, Lead Artist, Lead Animator; and any other key leads to determine project design specifications and to ensure successful product execution.
• Compile all the technical documentation for the software produced by the programming team and ensure the quality, effectiveness and appropriateness of all the game code.
• Manage the different 'builds' of a game ensuring that coding bugs are fixed and appropriate solutions found liaising with the Production to make sure this all happens on schedule.
• Must also provide support and guidance to the programming team, making sure that the programmers understand the specification and have the right skills and training to be able to do their jobs effectively.
• Lead Programmers will also write a substantial amount of code themselves.

Company details
Full company nameTequila Works S.L.
EMail addressjobs@tequilaworks.com
Number of workers25
LocationMadrid, Madrid (España)
ActivitiesDesarrollo de videojuegos
FoundedSaturday, August 28, 2009
About this companyTequila Works nace bajo un ambiente de profunda tradición y se crea con el tiempo necesario para que alcance su madurez exacta. De esta forma, obtenemos un estudio independiente que conjuga, bajo la atenta mirada del silicio de nuestras barricas, artesanía y modernidad. En su interior, profesionales procedentes de Blizzard Entertainment, MercurySteam Entertainment, Pyro Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment y Weta Digital, se encuentran, combinando ideas y código, con la intención de proporcionar un aroma sorprendente en nuestras obras.

Hacer cosas pequeñas, con buen gusto, esa es nuestra filosofía... ¡y nuestro reto!

Adelante. Pasen. Bienvenidos a la experiencia Tequila Works. Un lugar de encuentro para todos los apasionados de los juegos y del entretenimiento. ¡Os invitamos a un trago de nuestro trabajo!

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