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Ilion Animation Studios



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Las Rozas, Madrid, Madrid (España)

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Compositing Lead

Leading a team of Senior Compositing Artists that are integrated in the different teams of the Lighting department, taking care of technical procedures and workflows. Handling compositing shots under the artistic supervision of the Lighting Sequence Lead and Lighting Supervisor.

Minimum requirements

• 6+ years of experience in mono and stereo digital compositing.
• 2+ years of experience in compositing for animation feature films.
• Previous experience managing teams.
• Advanced technical knowledge of Nuke.
• Python scripting.
• Previous experience setting up compositing workflows for production.
• Deep understanding of lighting rendering passes and AOV’s.
• Self-motivated and comfortable working with deadlines.
• Strong artistic eye and understanding of colour, lighting and image analysis.
• Previous experience with Deep Compositing workflows a plus.
• English: full professional proficiency
• Spanish: full professional proficiency a plus


As a compositing lead:
• Reports to the Lighting Supervisor.
• Works with the Lighting Supervisor and the CG Supervisor defining the compositing workflow for mono and stereo.
• Mentors Senior compositors in technical procedures and workflows.
• Reports to the CG Supervisor and Tools department regarding the technical needs across the different departments using Nuke in their workflows.
• Defines and creates compositing show templates along with the Lighting Supervisor and the CG Supervisor.

As a compositing senior artist:
• Reports to the Lighting Lead.
• Works under the artistic supervision of the Lighting Lead in charge of the sequence.
• Attends, with the Lighting Lead the complexity meetings, and assist him/her to elaborate the bid of the sequence.
• Works with the Lighting Lead to develop gizmos, effects, specific looks or applications for the sequence, if needed.
• Defines the comp template for the sequence, ensuring it’s clean, documented and easy to understand by the lighting artists, supervising and assisting them in the correct use of it.
• Works closely with the FX and Matte Painting departments to define the strategies and workflows regarding the render layers structure.
• Takes care of the more complex shots of the sequence, if needed.
• Attends the reviews with the Supervisor/Directors, supporting and giving compositing advice to the Lighting Lead if needed.
• Defines, along with the Lighting Lead and Lighting Supervisor, the compositing strategy for the sequence.