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Environment Design

At Splitverse we are excited about Virtual Reality content creation but also new immersive content consumption formats. Based on our background in the video production industry, we built our own mixed reality capture studio in 2018 and started working with VR game developers and publishers like Oculus, Beat Saber, Superhot, Pistol Whip, BoxVR and many more.

Now, we are designing the next generation platform for Esports entertainment, leveraging our production and VR development expertise we are looking to push the boundaries of how people watch their favorite virtual events.

Splitverse is looking for an experienced Environment artist to join us in creating the next generation platform for Esports and live entertainment.

Working together with our Design, Technical and Production leads, the Lead Environment Artist will be responsible for the creation of visually stunning environments that both closely capture the “look” and artistic style of the project, as well as efficiently satisfy all technical engine and design requirements.

An ideal candidate will have experience working with art styles such as sci-fi and cyberpunk as well as have an architectural background or interest in building new and unique social environments.

The project will be the first of it's kind and a fantastic opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Minimum requirements

Professional game production experience in a Senior or Lead Artist role

Expert knowledge of Zbrush/Maya/Blender/Houdini or equivalent

Expert knowledge of Substance Painter/Photoshop/Xnormal or equivalent

Proficient with Unreal Engine, with sufficient knowledge of Blueprints/C++ and (asset implementation)

Experience optimising assets and environments for VR and mobile

Working knowledge of source control

Comfortable iterating on ideas using rapid prototyping techniques

Desired requirements

Strong architecture or traditional art background

Any other game related art or design experience (FX, scripting, etc)

Lighting or cinematography experience

Passion for Esports, VR and/or Production


Work with the Lead Designer to ensure a consistent art vision across the game, while also maintaining clean, efficient geometry for maximum performance in Unreal Engine

Model, texture, and light game-ready 3D assets using provided concept art or inspirational reference material

Collaborate with a cross-functional team to solve creative and design problems in VR

Develop and maintain an art production pipeline, process, schedule, and workflow


Salary, Stock Options, Remote Work, Company Retreats, Equipment

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