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Oviedo, Asturias (España)

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Technical Artist

In Virtway we are creating the next social game generation and we are looking for people who wants to join us in this incredible way. If you are passionate in videogames and want to create a new virtual world, we want you to be part of this exciting experience. If you are interested, just let us know sending us an e-mail to jobs@virtway.com with TECHNICAL in the subject.

Minimum requirements

• Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Graphic Art or a related field.
• Computer programming/scripting experience.
• Minimum 1-year experience as technical artist.
• Complete understanding of 3D graphics principles and procedures
• knowledge of one or more major 3D animation packages, 3DMax preferred.
• Experience in a full digital art content creation pipeline (high and low-poly modelling, unwrapping, baking, texturing, level art).
• Knowledge and Interest in the following tech-art areas: Shading, Scripting, Lighting, Special FX, Rigging and animation, Physics simulations.

Desired requirements

• Knowledge of rigging systems for characters.
• Knowledge of graphics APIs (D3D11/OpenGL) and shading languages (HLSL/GLSL)
• Experience with shader development in a 3D modeling package (e.g. 3DsMax) and/or game engine (e.g. Unreal Engine).
• Experience developing custom tools for Digital Content Creation tools (Maya, Max, etc.)
• Knowledge of high-level coding language. (Python, MaxScript, Perl, C#, etc.)


• Integrate, validate, and optimize graphic data in the engine by using scripts if needed.
• Realize high visual benchmarks, optimized and by respecting the technical constraints.
• Identify and Implement art-pipeline optimizations and automatizing.
• Give training sessions for every team member as they can be sure to use tools and methods correctly.
• Ensure that graphic bugs are fixed according to their priorities and support the other artists to find solutions.
• Develop appropriate art pipelines and workflow, working in conjunction with the Art Leads and the programming team.
• Develop new tools for the art team when required.


Being part of this exciting experience developing the new concept of virtual world with a highly motivated team.
Work in a company placed in Asturias in a healthy work environment with the possibility of working at home.
VR tournaments in games like Beat Saber, try to beat us ;)

Company details
Full company nameVirtway
EMail addresstejedor@virtway.com
Number of workers25
LocationOviedo, Asturias (España)
ActivitiesDesarrollo de aplicaciones
Desarrollo de videojuegos
Investigación y desarrollo
About this companyEn Virtway hemos creado Virtway World, una tecnología para crear mundos virtuales 3D especialmente centrados en dispositivos móviles.

Podemos conectar hasta 500 usuarios en un solo espacio desde cualquier terminal iOS o Android y organizar todo tipo de juegos enfocados a entretenimiento o a formación.

En este momento estamos creciendo y necesitamos programadores y modeladores para continuar desarrollando la tecnología y crear mini juegos para reforzar la parte de entretenimiento.
Stratos es un servicio gratuito, cuyos costes se cubren en parte con la publicidad.
Por favor, desactiva el bloqueador de anuncios en esta web para ayudar a que siga adelante.
Muchísimas gracias.