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Lollipop Robot



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Mid Porting Engineer

Lollipop Robot is a company with a long experience in QA and dev support for stunning indie games such as Divinity: Original Sin 2, Spelunky 1 & 2, and Tropico 6, and we have worked with companies such as THQNordic, Raiser Games, Kalypso Media or Plugin-Digital.

We are expanding our frontiers in a brand new porting company sited in Castellón (Spain).

We are looking for a skilled mid engineer to work presentially in porting exciting indie games for PS4/5, Xbox One/Series and Switch.

Minimum requirements

- High level of C++ language
- High level of Unity and C# language
- Good knowledge of DX/OpenGL(ES), highlighting debugging, profiling and optimization
- Good knowledge of 3D math and graphics techniques
- Experience in multiplatform compiling
- Basic-level knowledge of gameplay programming
- Excellent written skills in English
- Good teamwork skills
- Taste for polished results

Desired requirements

- Experience building console emulators
- Experience developing video games for console platforms
- Good oral communication skills in English

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