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Network Programmer

We are a growing company launching our first project and are looking for an experienced Network Engineer.

We are developing a mobile multiplayer game (Wardians), that implies high engineering challenges due to its MOBA-like mechanics and level of synchronization. Our goal is to create a Net Engine not just for Wardians, but for new games to come.

Minimum requirements

High expertise in .NET
Knowledge and expertise using Unity.
Basic understanding of ECS architecture.
Common techniques of network programming.
Knowledge of multiplayer mechanics and requirements of headless programming.
Knowledge of common techniques to avoid cheating.

Desired requirements

Javascript & HTML + Vue
Basic knowledge of core AWS services.
Experience working remotely, great communication skills.
Ideal candidate has a great initiative and proficiency leading decisions to improve and build that technology.


Integrate the server engineering in the client code.
Interpolation between snapshots.
Animations and sound synchronisation between players.
Organize and document your work efficiently.


Salary depending on experience.
Flexible working hours.

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