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Stratos: Developer's Meeting Point

Welcome to Stratos!


What is Stratos?

Stratos is a non-profit website that aims to serve as a point of convergence for the main elements of the multimedia development industry in the hispanic world, especially focusing the development of videogames and digital entertainment, in order to support their growth and development. Over 12.000 developers come back to Stratos regularly to check our news, our forums or check our job openings. These are the elements that we consider most important and that can be therefore found in Stratos:


Beginners can find news related to the development world, a learning section with an index of studies and a forum to post doubts, from the most basic to the most complex. They can also find applications to collaborate with projects of amateur groups and gain experience while attending school or looking for work.

Schools, learning centers and universities

They can add their courses to our index in the Schools section for those who want to work in the sector can find their courses quickly and easily. We also invite you to send us news, conferences and courses.


Stratos gathers a large number of professionals. They can participate more or less actively in our forums, helping beginners or between them, send interesting news, find jobs in one of the many companies in the sector who put their offers on Stratos, find projects to collaborate or send us general interest news, useful links, etc...

Videogame and multimedia companies of any size

Many companies find in Stratos suitable candidates for their recruitment processes. Stratos has been expanding their offers' diffusion, spreading them through RSS and even other specialized websites related to Stratos, giving them an increased visibility and thus providing a service of great value at zero cost.

Stratos History

The Stratos developers association was created to serve as a meeting point for all hispanic game and multimedia developers and help them enhance their activities.

Antonio Arteaga and José Carlos García founded Stratos in 1997. After developing various activities in the games industry and contacting with many groups, individuals and companies in the Spanish geography, they decided to create a common entity to serve as a meeting point for all developers and to support and enhance the various projects carried out in Spain.

Screenshot Agosto 2000Screenshot Julio 2001

After starting with 7 groups and publishing the first projects, Stratos grew incredibly. In 1999, Stratos reached more than 300 member groups and started capturing great interest in Latin America. Stratos continued to grow until 2002, when a crisis broke out because of problems with the publisher Crystal Interactive. The founders decided to permanently close the association but kept this website as a meeting point by popular demand of the huge developers community participating in Stratos.

Screenshot Febrero 2003Screenshot Julio 2004

David Font "synchrnzr" joined Carlos and Antonio to help with the portal management, firstly caring about the forums and ending up coding the site's current version and general administration thanks to some members help in Stratos in the forums' moderation, like [EX3], seryu, Guybrush Threepwood, Nae, Vicente, TheAzazel, Prompt, Loover, BeRSeRKeR, ethernet, flipper83, Vicente and RobiHm, and thanks to Nae and indieesepe's help in the communications area. After its association stage, Stratos it's a hispanic game, animation and multimedia development world leader portal, specially in Spain, having hundreds of registered companies posting their jobs in Stratos, one of the more important forums in its fields and having helped in many events' organization like S2e or Campus Party's development area.

Screenshot Octubre 2011Screenshot Agosto 2015

Nowadays Stratos, as a portal, keeps intact the unifying spirit of its origins as an association and its motto: "Together, we can achieve anything. Alone it's almost impossible."

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