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Tentáculo Studio

Detalles del grupo
Dirección de correo electrónicosupport@tentaculostudio.com
Número de componentes6
Ubicación habitual de sus solicitudes de colaboraciónMadrid, Madrid (España)
ActividadesDesarrollo de videojuegos independientes
Información acerca del grupoWHEN?
The studio was created on June 2012 by three young students. They had in mind making high quality, fun, and creative games that people can enjoy.

Our team is composed of 6 ambitious, and motivated guys. Some of them students, other with partial works, we dedicate all the free time we have to our dream job: making videogames.

We are currently working on Tako’s Japanese, a game to enjoy learning japanese.

We believe that the videogame industry is creating a lot of opportunities for indie developers to demonstrate what they are capable of. We are ready!


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