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Marc Xavier Costal Tesón "MarcXavier"

Detalles del usuario
PerfilI am a licensed psychologist and Game Designer. I'm an optimistic and imaginative person, always looking for new ideas and innovation.

I decided to launch the project Psycogaming during the last year of degree trying to unite my two passions, psychology and videogames. From this point, I began my training as a psychologist specializing in Videogames . After a while, Game Design began to get my attention, so I decided to study and get training on that field too.

I am currently working as Game Designer on several projects, using my knowledge as a psychologist specialized in videogames to help design new mechanics, characters, narrative...
ExperienciaCharacter Designer - Freelance 2015

I participated as a Freelance designing the profile of different NPCs in collaboration with Delirium Studios. The game is still in development.

Game Tester - 2016

I worked as a Beta Tester in two games, proposing some improvements to the gameplay. The first one is a match-3 game called ‘Tic Tac Traca’, and the second one is a platform game called ‘Keru-Keru’.

Engagement Designer - Exagames 2016

I also collaborated with Exagames designing some Engagement mechanics for their videogame ‘Outta My Way’.
They are still implementing the changes.

Game Designer - Wiprojects 2016

My main tasks as part of the Game Design team were: Game Mechanics Design, Level Design, UI & HUD Concept Design, QA testing and Monetization.

Game Designer - Exagames 2016

I’m currently collaborating again with Exagames as Game Designer for their upcoming videogame. My tasks are basically to design the Game Mechanics & Gameplay but I also help with Characters, HUD & UI Concept Design...
Conocimientos-High level of Word and Excel (Microsoft Office).
-High level of Photoshop CS (Adobe) to build up Mock-Ups.
-High level of Assembla as a task planner.
-Basic knowledge of Unity.
-Basic knowledge of Balsamiq to build up interactive Mock-Ups.
EstudiosPsychologist, UB 2013.
Videogames and Learning, UW-Madison 2014.
Introduction to Game Design, CALARTS 2015.
Introduction to Game Development, MSU 2015.
Character Design for Videogames, CALARTS 2016.
Story and Narrative Development for Videogames, CALARTS 2016.