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David Serrano Jaime "machinet"

Detalles del usuario
Página webwww.machinetmusica.com
PerfilMusic composer.
ExperienciaUntitled (2013): Game.
Royal Wings (2013): Android Game for BitTales.
Paper Wings (2013): Android Game for BitTales..
Addlibrary (2013): Royalty free music.
¿Dónde está mi sobre? (2013): iOS Game for Dolores Entertainment.
Untitled (2013): Nintendo 3DS Game for EnjoyUp Studio.
Petogotchi (2013): Android Game for Blinzy Studio.
Runimals (2013): iOS Game for BitTales.
Dress To Play!: Magic Bubbles (2013): Nintendo 3DS Game for CoderChild.
Aiju (2012): iOS Game for Lucera Project.
Will Of Flame (in progress): Game for Panic Pixels.
Dress To Play!: Cute Witches (2012): Nintendo 3DS Game for CoderChild.
Icecream Surfer (2012): iOS Game for Dolores Entertainment.
Mahjong Travels (2012): Android Game for Lemon Team.
PhrismIX (2012): iOS Game for Lucera Project.
Timer (2010-2012): Web serie for 7Yr Studios, (Antena 3 Neox).
White (2012): PC Game. First successfully crowfounded Spanish videogame.
Balls Challenge (2011): Android Game for Benu Digital
Malgusto (2011): Composing music for a video collection.
Ax Bubbles (2011): iOS Game for Darkpath Studio.
Farmarenove (2011): Background music for the webpage.
Little Game (2010): iOS Game for Lucera Project.
Geek Wars (2010): iOS Game for Lucera Project.
Colegio Laude San Pedro (2010): As a Music teacher, through Silvia Catoira Music School ( Madrid).
Sidereal Nomad (2008): Pet project game for Nintendo DS.
Soul Cage (2005): PC Game. Final Degree Project.
The Zanni Skinhead Comedí (2004): Play.
ConocimientosArmonía, composición, contrapunto, informática musical.
Estudios“Introduction to Music Production” (2013). Berklee (Coursera).

“The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound, and Color” (2013). Wesleyan University (Coursera).

“Introduction To Digital Sound Design” (2013). Emory University (Coursera).

“Música por ordenador y composición Midi” (2012). Seas/Universidad de San Jorge. (Zaragoza)

“Curso de Técnica de la Música de Cine” (2011). Esama (Sevilla)

“Home Studio” (2011). Aulaactual. (Barcelona)

“Taller de composición: Inicio” (2011). Aulaactual. (Barcelona)

“Técnico de sonido” (2011). Junta de Andalucía. (Sevilla)

“Composing With Computers I (Electronic Music Composition)” (2011). Mit

“Técnicas de composición de música para el cine” (2006). Conservatorio virtual. (Madrid)

“Armonía y composición” (2004). Aulaactual. (Barcelona)

“Music Theory” (2003). Berklee. (Boston)

“Curso Midi” (2001). Universidad de Málaga

Non-related music formation:

“First certificate exam” (Cambridge)” (2011).
“Human Resources Master degree” (Talentic) (2007).
“Graduate in Psychology” (Málaga) (2007).