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Bilbao, Vizcaya (España)

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Unity Solo Programmer (VR / AR)

We are looking for a talented Unity solo programmer for:
- Displaying 3D models (generally facilities: energy, renewable, combined cycle...) in VR (in the near future AR, XR), this implies taking careful consideration of performance.
- Coming up with ideas about features that enhance the VR (AR, XR) experience in terms of added value (navigating a 3D space, displaying data, training...), and implementing them.
- Meeting and engaging in a discussion about these ideas with other departments (engineering, marketing, direction) and establishing your own goals.
- Participating in the showcase of your work to other companies (travelling).

Requisitos mínimos

- Programming experience with Unity and C#.
- Experience developing with VR, AR or XR (work/demos/personal projects).
- Knowledge of data structures, algorithms, 3D graphics, 3D math, feature implementation, optimization.
- Ability to tackle a wide variety of areas in programming (solo programmer).
- Fluent in English or Spanish.

Requisitos deseados

- Passion for new technologies (specially VR/AR/XR).
- Awareness of both current and upcoming technical solutions in software (techniques) and hardware (devices).
- Ability to deliver a "nice package" (showable demo) in terms of visual quality (3D models provided by EIA21).


We are looking forward to hearing from you.