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Motion Pictures

Detalles de la empresa
Nombre de la empresaMotion Pictures
Correo electrónicopere@motionpic.com
Número de trabajadores20
UbicaciónBarcelona, Barcelona (España)
Acerca de esta empresaMotion Pictures is a leading independent production and distribution company based in Barcelona since 1977.
Our priority is to develop and produce the most interesting ideas and concepts in order to fit the TV networks around the world the best. With our knowledge of the market, we firmly believe in the IDEA as the key prior to success. Because of that, we are wide opened to finance, develop an/or produce the ideas that can combine originality and simplicity in the best way.
According to this mentality, during the last two years we have become the first Spanish production company in number of series and length of minutes produced, with a total of 9 animated series and 78 half hours produced, combining 3D and 2D and always in HD, sold to the main territories and networks worlwide.

Esta empresa no tiene ninguna vacante actualmente